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Visit the Courthouse

Courthouse on sunny day with flowers

Proper Attire

It does not matter whether you are the plaintiff, defendant, or member of the jury, you should present a professional appearance to the best degree possible.  It is important to be comfortable, as you may be sitting for long periods of time. You do not have to wear business attire, but your clothing should be appropriate for a courtroom. This means that clothing should be clean and well-fitting, and should not be revealing or display offensive writing or slogans. It is a good idea to avoid shorts, flip flops, or short skirts. Each judge has different rules for his or her courtroom, but it is generally good practice to err on the side of more conservative clothing. Dress for the season, though it is also a good idea to bring layers, as the courtroom may sometimes be cold.

Children in the Courthouse

If you have a scheduled court appearance, please be aware that children may not be able to attend court with you. Some judges may allow children to attend court sessions, but in general, it is a good idea to arrange for child care. There is no child care provided in the building.

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