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Abandoned Bonds

What is an ‘Abandoned Bond’?

The Circuit Clerk’s Finance Department makes every effort to ensure timely & accurate delivery of all refunds due. Occasionally, we are unable to locate a good address and the money used to post someone out of jail is returned to our office. We then hold this money for 3 years. If we have not heard from the person, we move to the next step, ‘Abandoned Bond Publication’ pursuant to Statute 725 ILCS 5/110-17e.

*Please note. Once the time elapsed has reached this step, The Circuit Clerk’s office deducts $20.00 from each outstanding bail bond. This helps our office offset the cost of search, location, & publication of the person to who did not receive the bond assignment. If the balance of the bond refund is less than $20.00 it will NOT be included in our Abandoned Bond search.

Abandoned Bond Publication

Please watch The News-Gazette in mid-September for our annual listing of abandoned monies. You will have 65 days from the date of the publication to contact the Clerk’s office for payment (see below for instructions). The money will be turned over to the Champaign County Treasurer after this period.

What do I do if I see my name?

Please submit to us a written statement that you believe you have monies due for an Abandoned Bond. Any additional information you can offer us would be helpful (name of person you bonded out, year, etc). You MUST include your current address, a good telephone number where we can reach you, and a copy of your driver’s license. We can accept this via post or in person.


Always keep your address up to date with our office. It ensures that if we owe you money, you will get it without delay!