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Expungement and Record Sealing Summit

What is the Expungement and Record Sealing Summit?

The Champaign County Circuit Clerk’s Office hosts an annual Expungement and Record Sealing Summit in partnership with many local organizations.

The Summit is held on a Saturday in the fall, and is designed to provide free legal assistance to those who wish to clear their criminal records. Participants meet with volunteer attorneys who review their criminal history, advise them on what remedies they may apply for, and help prepare petitions. Qualified petitions are able to be filed for free on-site.

When and where is it?

The 2019 Expungement and Record Sealing Summit will be held at Stone Creek Church on Saturday, October 5th.

How do I Register?

Registration for the 2019 Summit is closed for this year, but if you would like to be added to a waiting list, please complete this form.

What’s Next?

The Champaign County Circuit Clerk’s Office will contact you via email after July 9th to set up your free fingerprinting appointment with one of our local agencies. You will not be allowed to schedule your own fingerprint appointment with the agencies. Proof of registration, which will be provided to you from the Circuit Clerk, and photo ID are required to be fingerprinted. Free fingerprinting appointments are limited. Please keep your scheduled appointment.

Once your fingerprints have been processed, the Circuit Clerk’s Office should receive your criminal transcript from the Illinois State Police. Our volunteer attorneys will begin reviewing your information and begin preparing it for the summit. If you receive your transcripts at your personal address, please bring them to our office right away.

As the event date approaches, you will receive correspondence from the Circuit Clerk indicating your appointment time for the day of the summit.

How Can I Make the Process Smoother?

  • Make sure that you have an email address set up.
  • Once registered, make sure to check your email frequently.
  • Check the Champaign County Circuit Clerk website for the most up to date information.
  • Save your confirmation and appointment emails.
  • Show up on time for your fingerprinting appointment.
  • Keep your fingerprinting and summit appointments.
  • Pay your fines and fees. For more help with fines and fees, see our Amnesty Week page. You are more likely to be successful if your case is paid off.
  • Check your pending cases. Pending cases will affect your ability to qualify for criminal records relief. If you are still on probation, or have not completed the terms of your court supervision, you may not qualify for expungement or sealing.

What Can I Expect the Day of the Summit?

On the day of the summit, you will arrive for your scheduled appointment and attend a “Know Your Rights” presentation while you wait. You will then work with a volunteer attorney who will review your criminal record and advise you on which remedies you may qualify for and complete your Petition. You will file your Petition with the Circuit Clerk’s Office on-site. All filing fees for Petitions filed the day of the summit are waived.


Once your petition is filed, the Sealing/Expungement process begins. If there is no objection filed, the Judge may grant your Petition. If there IS an objection, a hearing will be scheduled and you will be able to state your case in front of a judge.

Once a Petition is granted, the Court will send a copy of the order to all of the parties involved and instruct them to destroy or seal (hide from view) the record.

The Champaign County Circuit Clerk is working closely with the following sponsors to make this event possible: