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Child Support

NOTE: During the COVID-19 courthouse closure, no hearings for child support will be held. However, Judge Benjamin has put together a list of answers to frequently asked questions. For assistance in asking the court to modify child support, Illinois Legal Aid Online has an Guided Interview to complete your forms.



Whether as part of Dissolution proceedings or a Family law case, there are many instances in which parties are ordered to pay child support. Depending on the actual order entered, support is sometimes paid to the Champaign County Circuit Clerk’s office.

Click here to find the most commonly used Child Support forms.

Can I Get a Record of All My Child Support Payments?

Yes. Printouts of child support payment made through our office are available for $6.00 per case. These are only released to either the payee or the payer, so please make sure to bring a valid state or federal photo I.D. with you.

I Received a Maintenance Fee Bill. What Is This? Can I Pay This In Installments?

Annual Maintenance Fees amount to $36.00 per year. This fee helps cover costs incurred in processing payments and recordkeeping services. You may pay this fee in installments, but you must make arrangements with the Child Support Division before implementing a payment plan. You can reach the Child Support Division by phone at 217-384-3725.

May I Have the Number for the State Disbursement Unit (SDU)?

You can reach the SDU at 877-225-7077.

How Do I Go About Changing My Mailing Address for Child Support?

You will need to write and mail a signed letter to the Circuit Clerk’s office explaining your need to change your address for child support. Be sure to include a copy of your photo I.D. We cannot accept change of address information online or over the phone.

How Do I Find Out If My Child Support Payments Have Been Made?

You can contact the Circuit Clerk Child Support Division at 217-384-3725.

How Do I Get My Child Support Payments Lowered?

You must complete and file the Petition to Modify, Suspend, or Abate Orders for Support. This form is available in our office as well as online here. You can find instructions for completing the Petition in the Petition to Modify, Suspend, or Abate Orders for Support Packet.

My Child Is An Adult Now. How Long Must I Continue to Pay for Child Support?

There is no specific age set by the courts that is accurate for everyone. When you received an order to pay child support it may have had a termination date listed. If so, this is the last date that you have to pay child support, assuming you are current and do not owe back payments at that time. If there is no date listed, you will have to file a Modify, Suspend, or Abate packet. Once completed and turned into our office, you will have to appear in court to plead your case.



Financial Affidavit

To provide financial information and documents to other parties and the court in cases involving child support and other expenses.
Financial Affidavit

Child Support Data Sheet

A confidential document with important information about the children who will receive support.
Child Support Data Sheet

Parenting Plan

A form used to detail custody arrangements.
Parenting Plan